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Smart TV Movie Box Features

The Smart TV Movie Box features:

smart tv movie box couple watching tvThe Smart TV Movie Box features work so well because it is essentially an internet streaming device that connects your television to the almost unlimited amount of content available online. Movies, Television shows, music videos, live TV and audio (music) streams all at your fingertips, most in HD quality. When you have a Smart TV Movie Box, it’s never a question of if there is anything good to watch? Your choices are almost endless. This box is simply amazing.

Our Smart TV Movie Box is essentially a mini computer. It is a “plug and play” unit so it is just a matter of taking it out of the box, connecting it to a power source, connecting it to a stable internet connection and away you go. The box arrives to you installed with all the best up to date add-ons available. You and your family will enjoy having the option of watching any movie ever made with the click of the remote.

You can even connect your surround sound system to the box and give your movies a movie theater type of experience. Your kids will enjoy being able to watch all the movies you would normally have to go to the DVD store to buy or rent..

Watch Movies


Watch full HD or 3D movies whenever you like. You have the choice of any film ever made at any time you feel likesmart tv movie box out of the box watching it. From the old classics to the new releases and a large number of films which are still showing in movie theaters.

Watch whatever you want whenever you want with no extra cost.You are not limited to movies that came out in a certain year you have access to any movie from any year old or new.


Catch Your Favorite TV Shows


smart tv movie boxAny TV show you can possibly think of is available to watch on our box. Our TV Movie Box will list all of the seasons and episodes that are available. Never miss an episode of your favorite show ever again.

With our box not only can you access yesterday’s or today’s episodes but you can sit down and watch it in your own time. Every season of every show is available for you to watch. Further good news is that you can watch all your episodes without any annoying commercials. You can go back and watch

full seasons of all your old favorite shows you watched growing up such as Threes Company,Good Times, The Jeffersons and many many more..

Watch Live TV


The Smart TV Movie Box allows you to watch any TV station available in the world. If its on TV you’ll find it on one of the many live television add-ons The Smart TV Movie Box has to offer. You can watch hundreds of live TV channels from all the popular cable networks such as  USA, TNT, TBS, BET, CNN, NBC, OWN, TRU and many many more live channels are available.You can even watch live tv channels from many different countries from around the world. The Smart TV Box has many many apps that allow you to access some of the same live cable channels that you normally pay a cable bill monthly to watch.

Catch Your Favorite Sports Events


For the sports fanatic we hasmart tv movie box sportsve a huge selection of sports available. You will be able to follow your favorite sports team game by game.You can even go back and watch old games from last season.

All your NBA & NFL networks are available to watch anytime you like. There is also dedicated Formula 1 coverage for the petrol heads. All the weekend American PGA golf tournaments are available together with the European PGA tour.No matter what sport you like you will be able to find it in one of the many apps

We know many men love their football & they can view live football every Sunday with a choice of about six live games. They can also get their fill of basketball, baseball and ice hockey games.

Live sports have been streamed over the internet for years. This Smart TV Box feature gives you the ability to find any live sporting event from all across the globe. Simply open one of the many sports add-ons, pick out what you’d like to watch and click on one of the many streams available.

Listen to A Wide Selection of Music


smart tv movie box stereoThe Smart TV Box has hundreds of music add-ons from all over the world giving access to absolutely every genre of music. Access music channels, music add-ons and any radio station in the world. With access to over hundred’s of music stations, your music listening time just got extended. Download apps right to the Smart Box like VEVO, Sound-Cloud, Google Play Music and more. Just sit back and relax while listening to your favorite tunes.

There is also a dedicated concert add-on so that you can view many concerts performed by the headline groups, bands and all your favorite artists from today.

There are dedicated Karaoke add-ons available for your enjoyment and musical improvement. ‘XBMC Karaoke’ would be an example using the professional SunFly Karaoke system.

Even the Kids Will Love the Smart TV Box

Kids will always be entertained! Every kids show and movie on demand! Disney Channel shows like Sofia the First, The Mickey Mouse Club House, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Phineas and Ferb, & Girl meets World – everything! Every Disney movie ever made – Tangled, Frozen, Snow White, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Aladdin, all the greats. Warner brother favorites, Pixar’s box office No.1’s and the very best from Dreamworks, all available at the push of a button.

Surf The Web From Your Couch

As the Smart TV Box is really a mini computer, you can surf the net from the comfort of your couch and see everything in large detail on your TV screen. As well as surfing the net you can also send and receive email, update facebook, twitter or play tv movie box frozen

We provide access to Aptoide and the Google play store which allows you to download whatever app you want free of charge – at the last count it appears that there were in excess of 80,000 different apps available – happy hunting!

And of Course You Can Play GAMES

The games via the Google Play Store to download are wildly popular, examples are Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birdssmart tv movie box games and Fruit Ninja. Not only the free ‘simple games’ as mentioned above are possible, but also realistic shooters or racing games in High Definition. Android is very fast in this area and is growing. This is partly because Android is an open platform. Here are some HD games available through the Google Play Store Modern Combat 4, Asphalt 8, NOVA 3 and Shadowgun.You will be able to download any game from the Google Play store and play it directly on your TV.

No more straining your eyes on your tiny screens.

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